Tips on yoga room etiquette for Beginners

1. Arrive early (at least 10 minutes prior to class).  While we do understand that life gets in the way of our plans sometimes and extend the waiting time for a couple of minutes after the beginning of the class before we close the front door, but once the door is locked no late students will be accepted into the yoga room. 

2. Hydrate before class. Even if you are attending a non-heated class, you should hydrate before coming to the studio. 

3. No shoes. Yoga is practiced barefoot, so please leave your shoes in a designated space in the front of the waiting area room.

4. No cell-phones. Please be mindful of other students in the classroom and leave your cell-phone in the cubby in the waiting area. We lock the front door so all of your belongings are safe during the class. Everyone likes the fun ring tones, but please switch your phone to silent mode before attending the class, so the ringing doesn't disrupt a quiet part of the class such as meditation or savasana. 

5. Bring a yoga mat. To avoid injury, a student will have to practice on a yoga mat. If you forget your mat at home, there are mats available for rent in the studio. Unfortunately students will not be allowed to practice on a towel for safety reasons. 

6. Bring a friend. We are happy that you brought a friend with you to the class to share the energy of your beautiful practice. But the yoga room is not a place for chatter. Some people attend a yoga class to find a quiet space for their minds and bodies. So please be mindful of students around you and honor them with silence inside the yoga room. There is a beautiful waiting area that features COMPLIMENTARY hot teas for you and your friends to chat before or after the yoga class. 

7. Let's keep it clean. Please clean the area around you before you leave the yoga room. Collect the props that you were using and place them back into the cubbies in a manner that you have found them when you walked in. The "asana of the room" is one of the most important parts of the yoga practice. If you have empty water bottles we have a designated recycle area in the waiting room.