Special Events and Workshops

While we enjoy a set schedule 


Yin yoga and Yoga Nidra

Thursday April 12th 6:45-8:15pm

Yin yoga is often referred to by its nickname – the yoga of surrender. The Yin style asks students to let go… of everything – all the tension, tightness and resistance – and melt into long-held yoga poses. The poses are often held for much longer than poses in hatha or power sequences, with the goal of accessing deeper connective tissues as well as connecting with a more meditative state.
The challenge of Yin is of an entirely different nature. It asks you to be completely still, completely passive, while stretching the boundaries of your capacity to be at ease within yourself – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Yin variations are fundamentally different due to the way they are approached – namely, without muscular engagement, without the energy of doing.
At the end of our Yin practice, a short Yoga Nidra follows. 
Investment $30


Essential Oils to Support Doshas and Fundamentals of Ayurveda

April 20th 7-9pm

Ayurveda is a system of healthcare developed in ancient India and is still recognized by the World Health Organization.  

In this workshop participants will:
~ Learn the basic foundation of Ayurveda and how it affects our nature and daily life. 

~ Explore the elements that create imbalance and discover which Dosha dominates your personal constitution. 

~ Be introduced to Young Living Oils and gain knowledge as to which oil(s) can help support your Dosha by bringing it into balance. 

~ Have the opportunity to sample different oils and become a wholesale distributor. 

~ Delve into this ancient form of healing and leave with tools that provide balance in an ever-evolving world! 

No prior experience in Ayurveda or oils is necessary.
Investment $40. 
Early Bird Registration by April 10th - $30


Yoga& Meditation for Anxiety Relief

May 19th 2-4pm

Learn how to combat and ease anxiety and stress through yoga and meditation. Anxiety and stress affect all of us sometimes. Build a toolkit of techniques to help manage, relieve and take control of it. Join 200 RYT's Kerriann Borusso and Toni Ann Nazimek for some anxiety busting breath work, yoga poses and guided meditation. Create a feeling of peace and serenity, and learn how to cultivate these feelings on your day to day life.

Investment $50