Warm Core Yoga Flow

Barre+Yoga+Warm room.

This Class fuses the mindful approach to yoga with the precision and strengthening of Barre, helping you transform body and mind from inside out. Lots of core work, planking and of course movement linked to breath. Fast and fun!



Restorative Yoga

A restorative yoga sequence typically involves poses, supported by props (bolsters, blankets, blocks) that allow you to completely relax and rest. Held for 5-10 minutes or more, restorative poses include light twists, seated forward folds, and gentle back bends. The focus is on centering the breath and body, practicing stillness along with gentle movement, and holding the postures for extended periods. Restorative yoga focuses on what happens when you release tension in the body, in areas that have been tight and unopened. As a result of deep, elongated stretches, restorative yoga can actually increase flexibility. Enjoy this hour long class paired with Essential Oils, and move your body into a restful, restorative state, and alleviate the effects of stress in your life.



Description: Barre classes are a combination of yoga, pilates and ballet. They are fun, fast paced toning workouts that are based on "micro movements" and low impact on joints.


Yoga with Ina

Description: "Vinyasa" style yoga class. Hot vinyasa is a challenging but well balanced class for all levels of practice. As a beginner yogi herself, Ina focuses her classes on sharing important  knowledge about all the limbs of yoga rather than just the physical Asana practice, including pranayama and mudra exercises. Her classes are very well balanced and designed to work on all of the areas of the physical and emotional body. 


Vinyasa yoga (non-hot)

Description: Vinyasa Hatha: Amy will guide you through a flow of postures and stretches in combination with the breath to develop flexibility and relaxation.  This class will bring proper alignment of the body, and encourage balance, strength, and calmness.